Ballooning adventure

Hot air balloon ride Ljubljana

On the hot air balloon ride Ljubljana the winds will take us over the 2000 years old City center of Ljubljana with all of it’s attractions. Sometimes the winds take us also over the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park locally called Barje on the southern part of Ljubljana. Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park is well know for its more than 5200 years old history of pile dwellling settlements and is also an endangered birds reserve now. The oldest man made wooden wheel with axle on the world was excavated here few years ago and is now presented in the City Museum of Ljubljana.

Hot air balloon ride Ljubljana

When we get to the take-off place our ground crew and the pilot sets the balloon. If you would like to get an extra experience of ballooning you can participate volountarily under the supervision of our crew. It will take us about 15-.20 minutes and then you will board the basket and the pilot will take you into the wonderland of a balloon flight and memorable experience. Hot air balloon ride Ljubljana last for about an hour and after that the pilot lands on a suitable landing place. Ground crew comes and packs the balloon. If you would like you can also volountarily participate in this part of the activity as at take off, to pack the giant piece of envelope fabric back into the envelope bag, which was carrying you in the air.

After the flight

After the hot air balloon ride Ljubljana is over and the balloon is packed we will have a traditional Balloon Ceremony with a glass of premium Slovene Sparkling wine (Champagne) from cellar Istenič. If you meet all of the »conditions« you will be titled with the title of Honorable Baroness or Baron of the area the balloon was flying over. When finishing the Ceremony we will take you back to our meeting point where we will have a refreshing drink, coffee or tea and some small snacks. While you are enjoying the beautiful morning your drink and snacks, we will hand write your Certificates, so that you have a proof that you are a Honorable Baroness or Baron. For those passengers that had a pick up we will take you back to your accommodation.


It will take about 4-5 hours of your time, but if you are tight on your schedule we can compact the whole programme.

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