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21 years of experience with hot air balloon flights!

We are the oldest ballooning company in Slovenia specialized in offering hot air balloon passenger rides and corporate promotions all over Slovenia.

Ballooning Bled – Ballooning Center  Barje d.n.o. ( full liability ) was established in 1995 based from a ballooning club. The company has a valid AOC Issued by Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency which allows us to conduct public transport with hot air balloons. You can be assured that you will get the best experience as we run a  small family business for more than 20 years.

Ballooning Center Barje is involved and has gained vast experience in all aspects of hot air ballooning business in the last 20 years. We have extensive experience in corporate promotions with corporate passenger flights hot air balloon flights, tourist passenger flights, organising hot air balloon events, aerial photography, flight  training of new pilots and maintenance of balloons. We are also dealers and representatives for American Hot air balloon manufacturer FireFly balloons.

Hot air balloon flights over Ljubljana, Lake Bled & Alps

Our main hot air balloon flights flying areas are the area of Ljubljana which is the capital city of Slovenia and area of Bled just on the footsteps of the Alps. We do also offer flights –rides in other places of Slovenia but that offer is limited just to groups of 6 passengers or more. So we fly where ever the winds takes us and we aim to make the best of the flight. So knowledge of meteorology and micro climate is essential. We do fly only small groups of up to 6 -12 passengers. We  also offer exclusive flights for special occasions or if someone just wants to be more private. It can be for just a couple or for a  group of up to 12 persons. On exclusive  flights  we do serve  Sparkling wine on board as well. For corporate or bigger groups  we can arrange flights also for larger groups with more balloons.

The hot air balloon adventure

The adventure of a balloon flight is that you float in silence with the wind  ( except when you activate the burner to keep balloon bouyant ) above the awakening city or countryside. Sunrise and morning mist gives it a special touch . You really feel connected to the nature and experience the freedom as you are in the open basket. You don’t feel any wind in the basket as the balloon floats gently with the wind. Balloon has the same speed as the wind does. I would say it is the most romantic way of being in the air.

Who we are

Pilots & the crew

  • Grega Trček
  • Filip Štucin
Ground crew
  • Gašper Hribšek
  • Blaž Masle

Pilots Grega and Filip are both commercial pilots with instructor ratings. Our pilot Grega who is also the owner of the company is in ballooning for over 26 years with accumulated more than 3500 flying hrs. He has flown all over the world from USA, most of Europe, Japan, North Pole and for  the last five seasons he is also flying in Melbourne, Australia for australian company Global Ballooning but only during European winter. Filip has been in ballooning for 24 years and has accumulated more than 2500flying  hrs. By profession he is a meteorologist working in the Bureau of Meteorolgy of Slovenia and ballooning is his part time activity.